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Integrity Lawn Care, Inc. Sales

We know that landscaping is expensive, and we make every effort to provide our services at the most affordable prices possible.

In order to decrease the cost of our landscaping services, we offer the following sales.

Price Reduction for Full Season Maintenance Contract
If we can count on having full season work, we can reduce the price of your landscaping services. If you hire us for a spring cleanup, regular mow, fertilization or chemical program, and fall cleanup, we will offer a reduction in price of up to 10% of your fall cleanup bill. The percent reduction will vary from house to house.

Reduce Lawn Mow Price by Referring a Neighbor
The closer together our customers are, the less time we have to spend driving around, and the cheaper we can offer our services. As a result, for every neighbor who signs a mowing agreement as a result of your referral, we will decrease both your and their mowing price by 5%.

Have five neighbors who want their lawn mowed? Save 25% on your lawn mowing bill!

We thank you for choosing Integrity Lawn Care, and we hope you will refer us to a friend.

Integrity Lawn Care, Inc.
Rocky Point, NY